Climate Sailor

We want to raise awareness to the fact that climate change has already begun by travelling to the places that are already affected. We want to give climate change a face by filming the affected people and to bring attention to their situation. How? By sailing to these places, carbon emission free. With film equipment and a group of film and scientific colleagues on board. Our aim is to empower the stories of people that are facing climate change. Their fears and hopes, their daily life, their visions, how they cope with climate change and probably a future where their home and country ceased to exist. Where are they supposed to go if life in their country becomes impossible? How do countries and politicians worldwide plan to deal with climate-migration? We want to establish the status as “climate-refugee”. This needs to be implemented in migration laws and all people’s minds.

While telling personal stories about people affected by climate change, we also collaborate with local scientists and organizations in the countries we visit to understand the complex situations and to gain more background information.

This journey it not only a documentary film project, it is also a journey for us, a chance to grow, to learn, to experience and to embrace. We not only bring home films containing climate change issues but stories of loss, courage and success which are attached to our own personal experience and growth.